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SexArt: Kitty Jane - Secret Love (1080p)

SexArt: Kitty Jane - Secret Love (1080p)

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When her boyfriend arrives at her bedroom window unexpected and unannounced Kitty Jane finds herself in a tempting but tricky situation. She'd like nothing more than to spend the afternoon making, wild, passionate love to her boyfriend, Johny Black, but there's a problem: she still lives at home, and her parents are both downstairs watching television. After stealthily assessing the situation Kitty makes her choice and decides to take a carefully calculated risk she closes the bedroom door securely, and gives her lover the green light. Knowing that their "Secret Love" may be discovered at any moment only heightens the excitement as the clandestine couple take off their clothes and tear into each other with ravenous, youthful abandon. The nature of their risky rendezvous does nothing to stifle their passion and the lovers pull out the stops in an action-packed romantic romp. Will the bouncing bed blow their cover? Will Kitty's cries of orgasmic ecstasy reach disapproving ears? Will they even get to finish what they've started? Find out in "Secret Love."

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